Naomi Harris Rosenblatt; A biblical speaker for our modern times

Speaking Engagements

Naomi is an experienced speaker for groups large and small, with a diversity of audiences.

Popular topics Naomi often discusses include:
  • My story is our story: A snapshot into an extraordinary time, revealing the forging of a modern Jewish identity.
  • 3 Secrets of a Happy Jewish Identity: Study, Defiance & Joy
  • The Power of Jewish Identity in American life
  • The power of sexuality in human relationships through the lens of the biblical narrative.
  • How biblical men and women - who were neither saints nor sinners, empower us to prevail over obstacles of cynicism, loneliness, and loss.
  • Women who dare: biblical heroines as role models for us today
  • Tough love in the Bible: How do we translate it to modern family life?
  • The triumph of faith over circumstances: What the biblical characters teach us about the power of faith in wrestling with adversity

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