Naomi Harris Rosenblatt; A biblical speaker for our modern times

After the Apple (book)

An illuminating retelling of the stories of the women of the Hebrew Bible; a prism in which we can examine our own lives.

After the Apple Book

Leah, Rachel, Sarah, Delilah, Jezebel…the names of these Hebrew Bible women have been familiar to us since childhood. In this remarkable book, Naomi injects new life into these characters, retelling their stories in loving detail, and bringing to them her expertise as a psychotherapist, as well as her profound biblical knowledge. Through her lens, we revisit these women – and their men – and view them with a new understanding, marveling at the very modern dilemmas and problems they confront and explore.

In this powerful blend of history, psychology, and storytelling, women today will recognize their own struggles to love, to mother, to succeed in relationships and to work their way through a complicated and challenging world.

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critic's praise

"Fascinating . . . as if one were seeing the old stories with new eyes."

- The Washington Post

"Here, finally, is the other side of the Bible – the women’s side of the stories. Naomi Rosenblatt explains, illuminates, and analyzes the struggles of Sarah, Abigail, Bathsheba and the others with compelling originality. This is a gem of a book."

- Jim Lehrer
Author of Flying Crows and Executive Editor/Anchor of The News Hour with Jim Lehrer

“In reading After the Apple you will surely encounter as never before the strong, albeit imperfect, women of the Bible. You will likely also encounter your parent, your partner, your sibling, your child – and yourself. Discover fresh insights from the story of each woman’s struggle analyzed with scholarship, an ear for the nuances of the Hebrew text, compassion, and respectful wit.”

- Rabbi Avis D. Miller
Adas Israel Congregation,
Washington, D.C.

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