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Wrestling with Angels

Marital conflict. Midlife crises. Blended families.

Wrestling with Angels   

Marital conflict. Midlife crises. Blended families. The search for faith. To us, these concerns seem uniquely modern. We are continuously wrestling with how to make our lives more spiritually meaningful. In fact though, the first families of the Bible grappled with the same issues more than three millennia ago. What, then, can today’s spouses, siblings, and parents learn from the experiences of Abraham and Sarah, Rachel and Leah, Jacob and Joseph? And how do the epic tales we loved as children prepare us for the challenges we face as adults?

Read Wrestling With Angels to discover:

  • Why Adam, Eve, and every adult must leave Paradise to find fulfillment.

  • What the story of Cain and Abel teaches us about rage, violence, and responsibility.

  • How an ordinary man like Noah can evolve into an extraordinary human being.

  • What the story of Rebekah and Isaac tells us about the dangers of playing favorites with our children.

  • Why we, like Jacob, must wrestle with the angels and demons within if we are to prevail over adversity, cynicism, and hopelessness.

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critic's praise

"... filled with powerful ethical and psychological insights which... have the power to transform how we live today."

-Rabbi Joseph Tellushkin, author Jewish Wisdom

"Eloquently interconnecting holiness and dailiness... illuminates the Bible's enduring relevance to our... struggles and fears and profoundest yearnings."

-Judith Viorst, author Necessary Losses

"Naomi vividly brings to life Jacob, Joseph and other biblical characters to provide special insights into today's world problems."

-Arlen Specter, US Senator

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